New photos in 5 weeks of our puppies!

23/05/2015 17:02

We did new photos, and puppies were absolutely lovely! :) You can see it in their gallery :)  Puppies got their beautiful names:

Ms rose - Blodne Eywa by Lebombo

Ms violet - Blonde Moya by Lebombo

Ms red - Blonde Isis by Lebombo

Ms yellow - Blonde Baira by Lebombo

Ms orange - Blonde Roxxy by Lebombo

Mr. green - Big Boss Kiburi by Lebombo

Mr. blue - Big Boss Fox by Lebombo

Mr. light blue - Big Boss Charlie by Lebombo

Mr. brown - Big Boss Danthe by Lebombo 

Zarra is 5 weeks after childbirth and she look very nice!