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Welcome to our dog kennel.

My name is Šárka Pártlová and in the photo there is my first lady Ridgeback Maya Katama King. Thanks to Maya my life has completely changed and I have completely fallen in love to this amazing, strong and at the same time so elegant breed.
I do not want to write only praises but someone who has never had Ridgeback will never understand. Someone who already has one will never want different breed. A big secret, beauty, sympathy and mainly pile of love that they give you every day are hidden in their eyes.
Ridgebacks are proud, if you take care of them. They are happy, if they can be with you. It is impossible not to love them.


In the second picture, you can see our new pride – Dykumos Sucha Blonde Ambition, we called her Zarra.
She arrived to us from distant America, from the breeding kennet Dykumos in Chicago.
It was love at the first sight! I have decided in the same way like with Maya – by my heart, the excellent pedigree was only cherry on the top. Zarra is very hopeful lady and we have many plans with her. We will focus primarily on sport dog breeding. We want to prove the Ridgebacks are great sleuthhounds, defenders, rescue dogs and that they can be obedient without problems and in any situations.

We select for our litters only those dogs that meet our exacting requirements. It's really hard work, we have to be carefully!



We plan an exciting litter in spring 2015

29/12/2014 10:48
We are waiting for Zarra's heat. Then we will visit her boyfriend - Rebel :)...

Merry Christmas!

24/12/2014 00:00
We wish you Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015!!!
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