d.o.b.: 1.9.2011
HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD neg.
high 64 cm, weight 35 kg
fulldentioned, scissor bite
Heart+EKG: strong and clear, without pathological findings
eyes clear, without pathological findings

Zarra was born in Chicago in USA to her beautiful parents Isis and Ozzi from insemination. More information in pedigree... She was born as third of four puppies (one boy and three girls). All puppies are healthy, have beautiful strong skeleton and gorgeous shape of head. There is no DS, no fraction, and no error in bite in this litter. One girl was without ridge, others have long beautiful and regular ridges.

Excellent 1, CAC, Open class winner at Club Show of ČKRR 2013
Excellent 1, CAC, Best Female, BOS – Club Show of ČKRR 2014
Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner – Club Show E.L.S.A. in Germany
4. Best Head at Club Show ČKRR 2012
Zarra fullfilled the conditions for title CLUB CHAMPION OF ČKRR
and she is also candidate for tittles :
German Champion
Austrian Champion
Czech Champion
Champion of Club ELSA
Zarra is elegant, correctly built female with strong skeleton, in the middle of standard high level. It´s a female with very good topline, nice deep chest and of excellent front. She is well angulated front and rear as well and she has very nice closed paws. She is a typical breed representative, with very lovely head, long and elegant neck and nice ridge. Zarra has excellent long movement.
She is well-balanced in character.
Zarra is imported from USA. Her pedigree is for breeding very attractive, including well known american and european ridgebacks of known names.
Zarra was shown only occassionaly but nevertheless she got some excellent awards, including also the most important titles at club shows under breed specialists.