Diary of puppies

9 days old our sweet puppies
Babies already started to open their eyes, trying to stand on their feet. Sometimes are really very funny. Zarra is great mum! A lot of photos from this day is in gallery. :)
16.4.2015 - The litter B come on the world!
We are so delighted to announce that our lovely Zarra gave a birth to 10 beautiful puppies. Their weight was above average , the first girl was 510g and the ninth boy was 710g! Zarra was very brave she was fighting till the last moment but the puppies were just so big that we couldn't get the last puppy out at home so we had to rush to the vet clinic..Unfortunately the puppy was born death and the vet had to use pliers to get him out. 
I am so devastated but at the same time very happy as the puppies and Zarra are all ok now.
We have 4 boys-all show quality and 5 girls (1 is ridgeless) the rest are show quality. They all have beautiful colours! They are our sweet Bonbons ;))
We would like to thank Dante for the beautiful litter and or special thanks to the vet team of Dr Vajsova.
11:00 - female, light rose, 510g, correct
11:15 - male, green,, 600g, correct
11:40 - female,violet, 570g, correct
12:20 - female, yellow, 580g, correct
13:00 - female, red, 590g, correct
14:00 - male, blue, 600g, correct
15:10 - male, light blue, 590g, correct
16:40 - female, orange, 520g, ridgeless

20:40 - male, braun, 710g, correct